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the Design Process...

After learning about your family's preferences, we design cabinets that work well with your particular lifestyle or business. After the plan is on paper, we can easily customize the storage areas to organize, optimize, and utilize the space.

  • In order to estimate your project, we neeed a design of the arera. If you do not have a designer, we will work with your on designing your room. In the planning stage of a kitchen remodel, think about how you and other family members function in the room on a day to day basis.
  • If you are building an addition or a new house, you should have scaled plans professionally drawn by an architect or builder. If you are remodeling, measurements of your existing room will be used to create scaled drawings. You can use your own designer, or we can design the room with you.

Typically before we design, we discuss key layout issues with you:

  • Where you prefer to place the main sink? Do you need a prep sink?
  • Do you want an island? Penninsula?
  • Do you need an eating area? Raised or counter height?
  • What appliances do you plan to use?
  • Do you need a desk or message center?
  • How many people work in the kitchen at a time?